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I'm developing an applet in which the user can put some markers and draw lines over an image using the mouse.

The space where I put lines and markers is a JPanel. I created the markers as JComponents and the lines are simple Line2D.

Markers are transparent squares with a circle filled up with color.

I put on some mouselisteners on the JPanel for zooming and dragging of the image. There are mouselisteners also on markers, and for the paths I add new mouselisteners to the JPanel. When I have to draw a line, I remove the marker's listeners.

I have no problem in creating the markes. The lines can start only from a marker or another line. When I try to draw a line, I click on a marker and drag the mouse. I can see the line on the transparent parts of the marker, and, if I pass near another one, I can see the line show up also in these... but nothing in the space between the two markers.

I don't know which is the problem, I override the paintComponent method of the JPanel, and I use its Graphics2D.

If you need something ask freely.

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Ok, I found out the solution thanks to a casual test.

In the paintComponent of the JPanel, after drawing the lines, I was missing these two commands:


Now all works well.

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+1 for answering your own question (& telling others the solution). – Andrew Thompson Dec 7 '12 at 8:14

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