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In Apple sample code: " Autoscroll " - the second sample code of " ScrollViewSuite " sample code, when tap the screen, a thumb view pop-up ( slide -up ) from the bottom by the following code:

pragma mark TapDetectingImageViewDelegate methods

- (void)tapDetectingImageView:(TapDetectingImageView *)view gotSingleTapAtPoint:(CGPoint)tapPoint {
    // Single tap shows or hides drawer of thumbnails.
    [self toggleThumbView];

enter code here

and now, I add a vertical scroll view ( with buttons in it) to the UIView, when click one of the buttons within the scroll view, a thumb view pop-up ( slide -up ) from the bottom.

How to achieve this?


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solved, when I restart my Xcode, the event appears. thx –  user1188849 Dec 10 '12 at 0:44
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