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I've sucessfully configured a Tomcat with integrated (Spnego/Kerberos) authentication on a single Active Directory domain, DOMAINA.

However, my company decided to split DOMAINA in two:

  • DOMAINA with users
  • DOMAINB with services and servers that deliver them

Domains are trusted. Now i have to configure Tomcat (and Spnego), which is now running on DOMAINB to authenticate all DOMAINA users.

Some questions:

  • the preauth user should be a DOMAINA or DOMAINB user?
  • have i to ask for a new native DOMAINB preauth user or i can configure the username parameter as DOMAINA\OLDPREAUTHUSER?
  • how the SPN's should be adjusted? with DOMAINA\OLDPREAUTHUSER or have i to define now for DOMAINB\NEWPREAUTHUSER (with omitted redundant DOMAINB\ prefix)?
  • i also changed krb5.conf:


    default_tkt_enctypes = rc4-hmac
    default_tgs_enctypes = rc4-hmac
    permitted_enctypes   = rc4-hmac
    default_realm = DOMAINA


    DOMAINA = {
        kdc = KDCA
        default_domain = DOMAINA


    DOMAINB = {
        kdc = KDCB
        default_domain = DOMAINB




Is it correct? What should be the default domain?

Sorry but the editor won't format code well...

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The default realm is where your machine is part of. I.e., the machine account is always bound to one and only one domain. Please note that DOMAIN\USER is pre-Windows 2000 style and deprecated. User in NTLM only. If you deal with Kerberos, you deal with UPNs and SPNs only.

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