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How can I attach a debugger to a running 64-bit .net process without Visual Studio?

I have tried:

A JIT debugger that can work with 64-bit .net applications is also good.

The reason I need to do this is I have an application that compiles C# scripts, written by the user of the application, and runs them. I want the the user of the application to be able to debug the scripts but I don't want each application user to need a Visual Studio license for that, so I am looking for a free solution to this problem.


  • I also don't want to give the user all my source code but only the binaries.
  • The scripts are C# code, compiled in run-time of my application
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I once thought it was a good idea to use C# as a scripting language. Then I found PowerShell. FWIW, PowerShell has built-in debugging support, plus access to all .NET Framework features and libraries. – Phil Dec 6 '12 at 15:25
Actually, these aren't regular C# scripts but C# source code, compiled in run-time so I can write Debugger.Break() to launch a JIT debugger if available, or attach to the process. – shwartz Dec 6 '12 at 15:38

try WinDbg with the SOS extension. SOS is a managed debugging extension for the old WinDbg debugger.

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Does this workaround for Visual Studio Express 2008/2010 help you?

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