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console output

I am trying to get access to the text I highlighted in red inside my nodejs program. I currently have a try/catch block around the require call, but the stack trace I dump in the catch does not contain the information I am trying to access (namely, the line number in 'testdebug.js' where the error occurred).

The lines highlighted in red are printed by something in node's internals, apparently. How can I store that string inside of my program? Code is below.

var syntaxError = true;
try {
    debugModule = require('./testdebug.js')
    syntaxError = false;
catch(e) {
    //there was a syntax error.
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This guy knows what's up. His module checks the code for parser errors using esprima, and gives a useful object for dissecting them.


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now i wonder if this can be adapted to run in a web browser... –  Michael Oct 19 '14 at 2:44

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