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I'm using fabric.js to add and manipulate images on canvas element. I'd like to export the final result to an image file (JPEG/PNG), and have tried several approaches, without much luck.

The first was using the HTML5 canvas.toDataURL callback - didn't work (apparently this cannot be done with cross-origin images).

I then tried to export the canvas to SVG and use convert utility:

$ convert file.svg file.png

The SVG looks a bit like this:

    <image xlink:href="http://example.com/images/image.png"
    style="stroke: none; stroke-width: 1; stroke-dasharray: ; fill: rgb(0,0,0); opacity: 1;"
    transform="translate(-160 -247.5)" width="320" height="495">

That also didn't work, presumably because of the image links. I then tried to download the linked image and store it locally, replacing the http://...image.png link with /path/to/image.png. No luck.

Is there a way to make this happen? thanks.


I've since solved this by using fabric's node module (npm install fabric) and simply using fabric's JSON representation of the canvas (canvas.toJSON() in fabric) to generate an image (also uses canvas module - npm install canvas).

Here's a simple example on how to do this:

// import the fabric module
var fabric = require('fabric').fabric,
    fs = require('fs');

// read the fabric json data as string
// (from file, db, etc)
var jsonString = readJSON(filepath);

// create canvas with specified dimensions
// (change to match your needs)
canvas = fabric.createCanvasForNode(100, 100);

// create output file to hold the png image
output = fs.createWriteStream("/tmp/image.png")

// load the json to the canvas and
// pipe the output to the png file
canvas.loadFromJSON(jsonString, function() {
  var stream = canvas.createPNGStream();
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We'll have support for cross-origin images in Fabric soon — github.com/kangax/fabric.js/issues/263 Meanwhile, is there a way for you to store images on the same server (to satisfy SOP)? –  kangax Dec 6 '12 at 18:19
That's awesome - thanks for all your hard work. Yeah, I suppose I could fetch the images as I go. I did notice that canvas.toDataURL() works when the images are stored on the same server. I'll do that for now. –  sa125 Dec 6 '12 at 20:49
You could also data encode your bitmap image and assign it as a URL. –  Duopixel Dec 7 '12 at 2:14
any Help on above Question? –  Amitkumar Jha May 31 '14 at 12:24
The same Problem I am Facing as well :( –  Amitkumar Jha May 31 '14 at 12:25

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