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I have created a custom css for tree and other widgets.

I have made the following entry

<inherits name='com.google.gwt.user.theme.standard.Standard' />
<stylesheet src="CustomStylesheet.css" />

But still only some of the styles are getting picked up and others don't. Has anyone faced a similar problem?

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It will be either one of the below,

Either you have to use CSS Resource as mentioned by Andrew or you have missed Doctype declaration.

You can also visit this link: doctype explantion w.r.t to GWT

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you should write the same style classnames with "com/google/gwt/user/cellview/client/CellTree.css" css file and you may change content css

pulic class MyClass extends Composite {
   public interface MyResources extends CellTree.Resources {

        @ImageResource.ImageOptions(flipRtl = true)
        ImageResource cellTreeClosedItem();

        @ImageResource.ImageOptions(flipRtl = true)
        ImageResource cellTreeOpenItem();

        CellTree.Style cellTreeStyle();

    private MyResources res = GWT.create(MyResources.class);

    public void onInitialize(){
        cellTree = new CellTree(treeViewModel, null, res);
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