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In a project, the developer used HttpServletResponse.setContentTYpe(), followed by HttpServletResponse.setCharacterEncoding(); There was a compilation error at the deployment setup due to response.setCharacterEncoding.

It was quite apparent that the HttpServletResponse class was missing, yet to double check I did lots of research and figured out that the most plausible reason could be that servlet-api.jar and jsp-api.jar are not getting included in the classpath during build process. I got it checked at developer end also, yet the error was still there. So I asked on of the guys who is a veteran in the process, and the cause that he put up was that the error was due to HttpServletResponse.setContentTYpe(), followed by HttpServletResponse.setCharacterEncoding(), and after replacing the two lines with HttpServletResponse.setContentType("application/json;UTF8") its working fine.

I again went through the javadocs to see if it's possible, but I didnt got any such logic. Can anyone tell me if its possible that these two methods can cause compilation error. Or do I need to start learning Java from Complete Reference.

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Wow!... still no answer. Experts please help me out. – user1882827 Dec 14 '12 at 8:08

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