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When I query multiple fields for a string, is it possible to retrieve information in which field the query term was found ?

I want to query description, information, additional information ... But then I need to know which field gave the result As I want to give different layouts.

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Lucene way: look at IndexSearcher.explain(...). This will give an Explanation that describes how doc scored against query.

Solr way: add &debugQuery=true. I queried for collection:61 and got this document:

  <str name="collection">61</str>
  ...other fields...
  <long name="uuid">1111</long>

And then below comes this

<lst name="explain">
  <str name="1111">
     0.882217 = (MATCH) fieldWeight(collection:61 in 0), product of: 1.0 =
     tf(termFreq(collection:61)=1) 0.882217 = idf(docFreq=8, maxDocs=8) 1.0 =
     fieldNorm(field=collection, doc=0)

Above basically tells that item 1111 had field collection with value 61. You can also request for debug.explain.structured to get this explanation string in a more structured format.

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