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i was using nstablewview to setup messaging. everything work fine while scrolling not starting:

enter image description here

Then, if scrolling was started, sometimes elents with SAME frame(i was logged frame parameters inside tableView:viewForTableColumn:row:) parameters visible bellow correct position inside cell:

enter image description here

looks like bug in apple code, but maybe somebody know, how it can be fixed?

setFrame: called from 2 places -

[NSView resizeWithOldSuperviewSize:] ()

and from


gives a same data as final (correct) frame....

2012-12-06 18:40:20.283[99782:303] setFrame->{{0, -7},{219.4296875,56}}   
2012-12-06 18:40:43.086[99782:303] message.frame->{{20, 3}, {179.4296875, 36}} background.frame->{{0,-7}, {219.4296875, 56}}
2012-12-06 18:38:46.296 [99782:303] setFrame->{{0, -7}, {219, 56}}
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Add some logging or a breakpoint to the setFrame method of that view to see if it's called. – trojanfoe Dec 6 '12 at 16:11
@trojanfoe please review updates... – user170317 Dec 6 '12 at 16:48

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