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if I have a page of iFrame objects with generated (unique) ids is it possible for me to return those ids if they .haveClass('specific_class')... For instance: I want to scrape the entire page pick out elements with a specific class and return their unique ID how would I go about doing this?

I think I am misusing jquery's selector as it is not hitting true on my if statement. //i've tried a few iterations of this to figure out the selector and I am still a bit confused.

    alert("You found a iframe with this class");
    //return the iframe with this class's id

Any help is appreciated as I am pretty new to Jscript - as a side note I am doing this with ASP.net so I'm not sure if that is part of the problem.

Thanks, Mitch

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Can't you just do it with an each statement - don't even need the if statement

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Thank you! I had a little bit of functional fixedness on this one but your answer cleared everything up. – Reaper Dec 6 '12 at 16:15

you need to instead select all elements with that class and test it's length.

if ($(".specific_class").length) {
     //do stuff
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var ids = $.map($('.specific_class'),function(item){
    return item.id;
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This was also helpful, thanks! – Reaper Dec 6 '12 at 16:32

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