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I am using filefield for file uploading and i am placing an upload button besides it. when placing long labels its layput is breaking and upload button is placed at top. I want my label aligned to 'top' How can align the button to bottom.

Ext.create('Ext.Container', {
                renderTo: Ext.getBody(),
                bodyPadding: 1,
                width: 400,
                height: 300,
                layout: {
                    type: 'hbox',
                    autoSize: true,
                    align: 'bottom'

                items: [{
                    xtype: 'filefield',
                    labelSeparator: '',
                    fieldLabel: 'When placing long labels the layout is breaking and the upload button is placed at the top.',
                    labelAlign: 'top',
                    buttonText: 'Select',
                    flex: 1                        
                }, {
                    xtype: 'button',
                    text: 'Upload',
                    width: 50
                    //,margin: '22 0 0 2'

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From HTML markup I see that this issue is caused by layout. It sets top position of filefield to 259px and button to 278px. It assumes that label has only one line. Easiest fix is to set height of label element in css to 33px (2 lines).

Example: http://jsfiddle.net/VphZH/1/

Another possibility is to extend filefield and add another button to it. Then it should be more layout independent.

Example: http://jsfiddle.net/VphZH/3/

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when i am trying second method. i am getting error on this line me.callParent(arguments); error is : 'fileInputEl.dom' is null or not an object. - on render function in file ext-all.js –  Jom Dec 10 '12 at 8:37
I don't see such error. What version of ExtJS do you use? –  Krzysztof Dec 10 '12 at 17:20
Ext JS 4.1 version –  Jom Dec 11 '12 at 8:47
I can'tt reproduce this error. My examples are working, so maybe you have some issues with layout? –  Krzysztof Dec 11 '12 at 17:42
This is adapted code from original Ext.form.field.File.onRender method, so I am not sure what it does. Probably it fixes some issue on IE, but I don't know what exactly :) –  Krzysztof Dec 28 '12 at 19:14

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