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I wish to pass a JSON object that includes some HTML to my client-side application. I'm using Laravel 3.2.12 and I'm new to it.I know the problem is in my View::make directive. Which is the correct directive then?

In My_Controller:

public function get_all()
    return Response::json(array(
        array('name' => 'OR', 'category' => 'Logical', 'form_controls' => View::make('modules.or'))

In views/modules/or.blade.php:


In views.js:

$('#element').html(Mustache.to_html(ModuleTemplate, {some: 'stuff'}, { custom: this.model.get("form_controls") }));

In view.mustache:


The HTML inside the JSON should be parsed by mustache.js as a partial.

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I think what you are looking for is View::render();


As far as I know, View::make returns a full response object which is not what you want.

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Thank you, thank you. The documentation is not clear enough about this. Of course, it's always easy to blame the documentation. –  Ore4444 Dec 12 '12 at 19:02
There isn't really any documentation for this helper. Found this helper by diving into the source code. It really should be documented though. –  Deinumite Jan 31 '13 at 18:07

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