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I want to turn off syntax highlighting in eclipse (CDT, if it mattes).

I tried Window->Preferences->C/C++->Editor->Syntax Coloring and unchecked "Enable semantic highlighting" I also tried Window->Preferences->C/C++->Scalability->Disable syntax coloring in editor. Neither is doing anything for me.

How do I get regular black on white text for .c and .h files in eclipse's text editor?

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You can open the files with Eclipse text editor (no syntax highlighting no completion, etc...):

  • you can change default file association in Eclipse preferences (General ->Q Editiors -> File associations)
  • you can open a file with the text editor via the contextual menu on the file "Open with -> text editor". Eclipse will remember your choice, and will use the text editor the next time you'll open this file.
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I like completion and other .c/.h file related customizations. I just do not like syntax highlighting, I want it off for almost all file types. Is there still a way to retain all file type customization, but turn off just the syntax highlighting? –  nsg Dec 6 '12 at 17:57
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