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Does anyone know what form the 'input' item will take in a map reduce that uses the HTTP API in Riak when using the output of a secondary index query? The Riak website states 'If you've enabled Secondary Indexes, the list of inputs can also reference a Secondary Index query' but then never explains what form that would take.

Since the input format for most map reduce queries is "input" : ["bucket", "key", "keydata"] what is the equivalent of 'curl riakhost:port/buckets/bucketname/index/indexname_bin/indexvalue'?

A link or some information would be useful.

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The "examples" section for Secondary Indexes shows how to use an exact match as well as a range query as inputs for mapreduce:



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Thank you that really helped. –  Nickel Dec 7 '12 at 11:52
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