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I have an element:

<b onclick="alert('');" onmouseover="'red'; setTimeout('........', 1000);" onmouseout="'';">123</b>

I need that when element is mouseovered and after 1 second the mouse cursor continue staying above this element, then onclick() event of this element should start.

In other words, what should be instead of '..............' in onmouseover() event?

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So if the user hovers over the element for a full second, invoke the event, as opposed to invoking it immediately? – RonaldBarzell Dec 6 '12 at 17:16
@user1161318 exactly =) – el Dude Dec 6 '12 at 17:17
Why not set a timer in on onmouseover and remove the timer onmouseout? The event the timer would trigger would be whatever you want to happen after 1 second. – RonaldBarzell Dec 6 '12 at 17:18
@user1161318 seems like good solution, but how to remove the timeout event? I mean, crossbrowser removing of event. – el Dude Dec 6 '12 at 17:22
You should be able to store the timer in an id and use that to clear it out. Here's a page with details: – RonaldBarzell Dec 6 '12 at 17:28
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window.countdown = setTimeout(function(){;}, 1000);

Additionally, you need to clear the interval in the mouseout handler:


Ideally you would give your element an ID and use the new event registration model:

var e = document.getElementById('myelement');
    var self = this;'red';
    window.countdown = setTimeout(function(){;}, 1000);
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But if there are more then 1 element and they are nested, so countdown may be overlapped by several onmouseover events? – el Dude Dec 6 '12 at 17:50
@EL Then you should be using mouseenter and mouseleave, not mouseover and mouseout. – Asad Saeeduddin Dec 6 '12 at 17:52
no problem with mouseenter/mouseleave P.S. Uncaught exception: TypeError: '' is not a function – el Dude Dec 6 '12 at 17:58
Ok, it work with "setTimeout(this.onclick,1000);" but it throws another error about "onclick" event: Cannot convert 'this.parentNode' to object" (onclick="this.parentNode.title='123';) – el Dude Dec 6 '12 at 18:03
@EL Updated my answer. – Asad Saeeduddin Dec 6 '12 at 18:07

You should start the interval on mouse over event as a global variable to refer on mouse out event to clear it like @Asad said.

<b onclick = "alert()"
 onmouseover = "window.countdown = setTimeout(function(){;}, 1000);"
 onmouseout = "clearTimeout(countdown)">
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is it crossbrowsered code? The 'window' seems as it is not – el Dude Dec 6 '12 at 17:48

You'll have to do some extra work, and this won't work out very well for you inside of inline Javascript. This is all pseudocode so I don't recommend copy/pasting!

// We'll need to create an interval and store it
var timerInterval = {}
// And keep track of how many seconds have elapsed   
var timeElapsedInSeconds = 0;

function tick (){
   if (timeElapsedInSeconds > 0){
   // Either way, let's be sure to reset everything.

function hoverOverHandler (){
   // Start our timer on hover 
   timerInterval = window.setInterval(tick, 1000);    

function resetTimer () {
   timeElapsedInSeconds = 0;

function hoverOutHandler () {
   // Kill timer on hoverout
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Ok, I did some trick with dynamic id and this is what came out:

<b style="color:red;" onclick="if(!='green'){return false;}else{'red';} alert(this.parentNode);" onmouseover="if(!='green'){var newID='tmpID_'+Math.floor(Math.random() * (10000000)); if(''){;} setTimeout('top.document.getElementById(\'''\').onclick();',1000);'green';}" onmouseout="'red';">click</b>

crossbrowsered =)

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