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In an MVC project i have the following view where i use the Kendo Grid

<%: Html.Kendo().Grid<Milestone>()
                .Columns(columns =>
                    columns.Bound(p => p.ContractMilestoneID).Hidden();
                    columns.Bound(p => p.MilestoneSN).Title("Κωδικός οροσήμου");
                    columns.Bound(p => p.EstimatedDate).Title("Εκτιμώμενη ημερομηνία");
                    columns.Bound(p => p.RealDate).Title("Πραγματική ημερομηνία");
                    columns.Bound(p => p.MilestoneDescription).Title("Περιγραφή");
                    columns.Bound(p => p.Payment).Title("Πληρωμή");
                    columns.Bound(p => p.PaymentRate).Title("Ποσοστό πληρωμής");
                    columns.Bound(p => p.IsCompleted).Title("Έχει ολοκληρωθεί");
                    columns.Command(command =>

                .ToolBar(toolbar => toolbar.Create().Text("Προσθήκη νέου οροσήμου"))
                .Editable(editable => editable.Mode(GridEditMode.InLine))
                .Resizable(resize => resize.Columns(true))
                .DataSource(dataSource => dataSource
                    .Model(model => model.Id(o => o.ContractMilestoneID))
                    .Model(model => model.Field(o => o.MilestoneSN))
                    .Model(model => model.Field(o => o.EstimatedDate))
                    .Model(model => model.Field(o => o.RealDate))
                    .Model(model => model.Field(o => o.MilestoneDescription))
                    .Model(model => model.Field(o => o.Payment))
                    .Model(model => model.Field(o => o.PaymentRate))
                    .Model(model => model.Field(o => o.IsCompleted))
                    .Create(create => create.Action("CreateMilestone", "Milestones"))
                    .Read(read => read.Action("DetailsJson", "Milestones", 
                        new { id = ViewBag.ID }))
                    .Update(update => update.Action("UpdateMilestone", "Milestones"))
                    .Destroy(delete => delete.Action("DeleteMilestone", "Milestones")))

Also i have a controller where i want to save a new entry in the Kendo Grid.

    public ActionResult CreateMilestone([DataSourceRequest] DataSourceRequest request, 
        Milestone milestone)
        if (milestone != null && ModelState.IsValid)
            using (TADCEntities database = new TADCEntities())
                tblSymvaseisOrosima item = new tblSymvaseisOrosima
                    fldEstimatedDate = milestone.EstimatedDate,
                    fldIsCompleted = milestone.IsCompleted,
                    fldMilestoneDescription = milestone.MilestoneDescription,
                    fldMilestoneSN = milestone.MilestoneSN,
                    fldPayment = milestone.Payment,
                    fldPaymentRate = milestone.PaymentRate,
                    fldRealDate = milestone.RealDate,
                    fldStoixeioYpoergouID = milestone.ElementSubProjectID


                return Json(new[] { item }.ToDataSourceResult(request, ModelState));

        return View();
        // should also return json

The problem is that the Milestone type (the parameter in the controller) is always null even if i enter data when i create a new entry in the grid and press save. Any idea what to do in order to pass the entered data in the milestone parameter? Thank you in advance

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have you checked in developer tools what is posting to server? – Behnam Esmaili Dec 6 '12 at 17:29
@BehnamEsmaili this is was i see in Fiddler. – Giorgos Manoltzas Dec 6 '12 at 18:04
put a parameter of type FormCollection in your action and check if it has Keys you are expecting. – Behnam Esmaili Dec 6 '12 at 18:15
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As I saw in the Fiddler the parameters is posting with models prefix, thus you must access them like this:

public ActionResult CreateMilestone([DataSourceRequest] DataSourceRequest request,
    [Bind(Prefix="models")] List<Milestone> milestons) 
    Milestone milestone = milestons[0];
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Yes this is correct. And it is needed because of the .Batch(true) setting of the grid. And the solution is also described in the kendo ui documentation. – nemesv Dec 6 '12 at 21:55

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