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Excuse the poor title, but I'm not sure how to word this exactly. Here's my scenario:

I've got this pattern:


That I need rewritten to:


So http://localhost/MySpecialFolder/test.aspx will be rewritten as http://localhost/MyOtherFolder/MySpecialFolder/test.aspx

The problem is that on the next request, it still tries to replace MySpecialFolder again so it becomes http://localhost/MyOtherFolder/MyOtherFolder/MySpecialFolder/test.aspx, and so on.

Is there a way I can update my regex pattern to say:

"Replace MySpecialFolder with MyOtherFolder/MySpecialFolder but ONLY when MySpecialFolder is not already preceded with MyOtherFolder/"? So basically if MyOtherFolder/MySpecialFolder is already in the path, it doesn't see that as a "match".

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Add a condition to unmatch MyOtherFolder

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Works perfect, thank you! – lhan Dec 6 '12 at 18:49

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