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Twitter use its own URL shortener - the result of the link "20 chars long link". What I am curious - I wanna share to Twitter with using PHP some of my articles - need I check the length of the link to the article?

Real example - my title of an article has 120 chars. Link to my article has 25 chars. Limit of the tweet is 140 chars. URL shortener transform each link into 20 characters.

Do I need to solve in this case the length of the tweet and can I rely that each link in the tweet = 20 characters?

Or the URL shortener by Twitter is working only when someone manually type a tweet and the URL shortener doesn't works in their API?

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should be 20 chars until they run out of available short-codes and have to boost the length again to increase the available code space. – Marc B Dec 6 '12 at 17:43

Twitter now limits tweets to 117 characters if you include a link(https), remaining 23 characters it will take to wrap the url(https) to format. Effectively here you get 117 character for https links and 118 characters for non-https links.


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@kleopatra: sure :) – K. V. Suresh Sep 6 '13 at 8:42

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