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I am converting a component package from Delphi 2007 to Delphi 2010.

When I do a full build, it compiles and begins to link. During linking, I get two messages:

[DCC Warning] MyPackage.dpk(235): W1033 Unit 'OleAuto' implicitly imported into package 'MyPackage'
[DCC Error] E2223 $DENYPACKAGEUNIT 'OleAuto' cannot be put into a package

What determines the units in $DENYPACKAGEUNIT? How should I resolve this error?

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I found that someone had placed a call to MtsObj file, thats what seemed be to causing my issue.

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I found this inside the OleAuto.pas unit, which pretty much answers my question.

unit OleAuto deprecated;


{ OleAuto cannot be used in a package DLL.  To implement
  an OLE automation server in a package, use the new
  OLE automation support in comobj and comserv.
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