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Im interested in some opinions on the best way to proceed in solving the situation described below. Is there a program or package you could recommend that would handle this in a straightforward way? The speed with which this runs is not as important as the accuracy (it could take weeks to run if necessary).

Essentially a Compare/Replace problem.

Hundreds of txt files in two groups 'A' and 'B'. Each file in group A will have a corresponding file in group B. These two files will have up to 40 million rows. The first column of data will have identical entries in both files (though there will not be exactly the same number of entries in each file, some entries will exist in one and not the other)

I would need a program to open file A, read in the first column of data, then search file B for a match on an unknown row in its first column of data (which will exist 99.999 percent of the time), if it is found the last column of data will be replaced by the value found in the 'B' file on the corresponding row.

In the example below, the 'A' file here will replace its last value '2' with a '3' from the 'B' file (due to a match in the first column), row 2 5 will become 2, row 3 8 will become 1, and the last row will remain untouched having no match in B.


567817.751795 5537724 2
567817.730911 5537653 5
567817.730923 5537652 8
567817.751895 5436743 7


567817.751795 5537724 3
567817.730911 5537662 2
567817.730923 5537681 1

Any thoughts? Thanks

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What platform your using to achieve this? Do you have any code snippet what have you done so far? –  Smit Dec 6 '12 at 18:14
40 million rows is not large, LOL. Maybe for an Atari 2600 or something. Not for powerful beast such as, oh, a 486 DX/2 66 with 64 megs of RAM and an 800 Mb hard drive, running Linux 1.2.x. :) –  Kaz Jun 11 '13 at 0:26

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