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Is there a function in the Prelude that removes the external "[]"? For example, in this situation:

f [[[1,0,0]],[[1,0,0]]] = [[1,0,0],[1,0,0]]
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I believe concat :: [[a]] -> [a] does what you are looking for

And remember that you can always use hoogle to find functions based on what arguments they would return or receive

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Here's how you can find functions that might be useful. First, think about what the type signature for the function would be: [[a]] -> [a]. In other words, it takes a list of lists of something (in your case the "something" is another list), and returns a list. Now go to Hoogle ( or Hayoo ( and type in that type signature. You'll get a list of all functions that have that type. – mhwombat Dec 6 '12 at 18:25

You can use concat which flattens a list of lists into a single list:

concat [[[1,0,0]],[[1,0,0]]]

concat is also join in Control.Monad for lists so you could use that:

join [[[1,0,0]],[[1,0,0]]]
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