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I am currently working on a new design for a website which is responsive - everything works fine and perfect but as soon as I start on a form on one of the pages the page becomes none responsive in a way that when viewed on an ipad2 if you flip the ipad vertical from horizontal it doesn't snap back into place. I have tried everything I can think of and looked in lots of places and forums do this is my last hope.

the page is located here http://www.gibsonpixeldev.com/r1/vehicle-enquiry3.html I wasnt sure what code to post as there is lots. The design is based on a purchased template.

Hope someone can help with this as its driving me mad.

Thanks in advance

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Is it possible for you to extract a minimal example of the HTML/JS/CSS that reproduces your problem? Since there is lots of code, I doubt many people here have time to figure out the relevant parts for you. –  Frank van Puffelen Dec 6 '12 at 19:14
It's hard to say without more information but this may help: stackoverflow.com/questions/6448465/…. On a side-note, you should enable compressed output for .js and .css files, especially since there are so many on the page you linked to. ...I've never seen a Google PageSpeed score of 0 before but that's what I'm getting on your page. –  Jasper Dec 6 '12 at 19:51

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I think you should go through this tutorial


check for @media queries for orientation for landscape or portrait mode. or there is problem with aspect-ratio or device-pixel-ratio

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