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This is one function in .h file

LinkedListElement<char> * findLastNthElementRecursive(int n, int &current);

Try both



int a = 0;

error is no matching function

I GOT IT findLastNthElementRecursive(3,a); SHOULE BE THIS WAY

but if I do not want to create new variable like a, how to do that?

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A temporary cannot bind to a non-const reference. In your first case, you attempt to pass a temorary as parameter, and it fails.

The second one doesn't work because &a is the address of a, effectively an int*, so doesn't match the signature of the function.

The correct way would be

int a = 0;
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int a = 0;
findLastNthElementRecursive(3, a);

Also note that you're ignoring the return value of findLastNthElementRecursive().

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