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I would like to create a factory, but it's not simple with Spring and again I'm lost in space :p

This is what i would like to do.

I have an abstract class which implements multiple interface (Runnable and some personal interfaces)

public abstract class AbstractDocMan implements Runnable, DocMan {

    protected AbstractDocUnit docUnit;

    // some attributes

    // some getter & setter

I have some classes which extends from this abstract class, i will call them : W, S & E :p And some classes for the Abstract attribute (docUnit) called : WD for W, SD for S and ED for E :)

Now considering a parameter, i would like to instantiate the good class in my main controller. I would like a generic code, but working with specific class considering the good process.

Something like that.

public class MainVm {

   private DocManFactory docManFactory;

   // ???
   private AbstractDocMan docMan;


   public void setProcess(String myProcess) {
       docMan = docManFactory.getDocMan(myProcess);

For moment, i have a factory defined strangely. It is working but i don't think it's a good practice :

public class DocManFactory {

    private S s;
    private W w;
    private E e;

    private SD sd;
    private WD wd;
    private ED ed;

    public AbstractDocMan getDocMan(String myProcess) {
        AbstractDocMan adm = null;
        if ("S".equals(myProcess)) {
            adm = s;
        } else if ("W".equals(myProcess)) {
            adm = w;
        } else if ("E".equals(myProcess)) {
            adm = e;
        return adm;

So my questions : - How to inject dynamically the good docUnit in the factory ? cause here all object are instantiate (s,e,w,sd,ed,wd) zzz - Is there a way to annotate the attribute in main controller ?

So...How to do a good factory with Spring (v3.1.1).

Thank you.

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Why do you call setDocUnit(...) for them? You could let Spring inject the correct docUnit into your objects. – Tim Dec 6 '12 at 18:44
Tim is right - Spring can do much more for you. If you need a factory then maybe the signature of your factory method is making it awkward to wire. It would be easier if it was just public AbstractDocMan getDocMan() {...} – Dave Syer Dec 7 '12 at 8:31
Except to inject DocUnit into the good DocMan, what can i do to not instantiate all DocMan in the factory ? – MychaL Dec 7 '12 at 9:00
I'm still searching how to create a dynamic injection in order to have a factory pattern like...I dont find an elegant way :( – MychaL Dec 12 '12 at 17:00

I think generics and a Map are the solutions here.

Your instinct is correct: this implementation is far too brittle. Start with this:

public DocManFactory {

    // You can inject or hard wire these
    private static final Map<String, AbstractDocMan> INSTANCES; 

    public static AbstractDocMan getDocMan(String processName, Process process) {
        AbstractDocMan docMan = INSTANCES.get(processName);
        return docMan;

Generics can help if the Process class that I assumed varies.

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is it possibile with enum instead of map as well ? – gpilotino Apr 15 '13 at 15:50

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