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I'm using Net::Jabber::Bot module in my Perl script and it works properly but the problem is when I want to send a message all new lines will be removed! Two questions :

  1. How we can have new line at our messages? disable any chomp
  2. What's new line code at jabber/XMPP?
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This is a known issue, somebody already submitted a patch for this: http://code.google.com/p/perl-net-jabber-bot/issues/detail?id=24

You are not able to send \n directly but you maybe able to send xmpp/jabber coded newline if that code does not contain unprintable chars.

I checked the xmpp format specification and its said that newlines should be removed.

Data provided for fields of type "text-multi" SHOULD NOT contain any newlines (the \n and \r characters). Instead, the application SHOULD split the data into multiple strings (based on the newlines inserted by the platform), then specify each string as the XML character data of a distinct

In this sub:

sub _send_individual_message {
# Strip out anything that's not a printable character
# Now with unicode support?
$message_chunk =~ s/[^[:print:]]+/./xmsg; 
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There is no problem with newlines in normal messages. The quoted text refers to data forms. –  Zash Jan 8 '13 at 2:21

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