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I have a model where there are two fields that can technically be null. The field names are :is_activated and :activated_at. :activated_at is only required if :is_activated is set to true. It does not need to be present if :is_activated is false. What's the appropriate way in Rails to set this validation directly into ActiveRecord?

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You can use a Proc on the :activated_at validator.

validates :activated_at, :presence, if: Proc.new { |a| a.is_activated? }

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Finally, you should consider renaming :is_activated to simply :activated. This is considered better practice in Rails. The is_ prefix is used in other languages for boolean attributes because their method names don't support a ? character. Ruby does, and Rails generates ___? methods on boolean attributes. Because of this it's better to just call the attribute :activated and check it with activated?.

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You could do something like this:

validates :activated_at, presence: true, if: :is_activated?

def is_activated?

This will only validate :activated_at if the method is_activated? returns true.

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