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This may be better servered on ServerFault, however, I'm evaluating nginx to determine if it's able to solve a particular problem.


I want to use nginx response caching with FastCGI Cache. But I need to set the cache key with a value from a cookie. The problem is the cookie needs to be decrypted before I can get the value to use it in the cache key.

What I Know

I know how to configure nginx as a cache (fastcgi_cache). I also know I can set and use a custom variables in the cache key (fastcgi_cache_key). However, I don't know how to call a custom function to decrypt the cookie. I know nginx has the concept of modules. I have also noticed integration with Lua.


Provided my decryption is available as C code, can I access this external code from the nginx configuration and use its return value?

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The Lua module can indeed help you if compiled it with LuaJIT.

Look here for a simple example of how to interact with cookies:

Now with LuaJIT you could use the FFI to call your C decryption code:

Another possibility would be to do it all in C, which may be faster but would probably be more work.

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Thanks for you answer. Given the bounty, I was hoping for a more thorough answer. Nonetheless, I will review the links you provided. – Jason McCreary Dec 17 '12 at 15:13

As long as your code is in C, easiest solution would be to write simple nginx module which provides a variable with the decrypted value. Relatively simple example of how to provide a variable may be found in ngx_http_secure_link_module.

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I also found an example module, set_misc_*, I will likely reverse engineer. Given the bounty, I was hoping for a more thorough answer. However, I'm marking this as the answer since the reference you provided is more to my needs. – Jason McCreary Dec 17 '12 at 15:14

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