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I have created a struct:

struct time
    int hours;
    int minutes;
    int seconds;
    double total_time;
    double price;

    time* next;
    time* back;

I have created 2 pointers to the struct:

time* traverse, head;

I wanted to point the location of head to the same locations as head:

traverse = new time;
    head = traverse; // Error here

Why is it that I am getting an error at the assignment?

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When writing

time* traverse, head;

the star only affects the first variable. Change your declaration to

time *traverse, *head;

and the error should be gone.

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The declaration of pointer is wrong

time* traverse, head;

It just declare a pointer and an object

You should declare it as:

time* traverse;
time* head;
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Because you didn't declare head as a pointer:

time* traverse, *head;   //both are pointers

is not the same as

time* traverse, head;    //one is a pointer, one is an object
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