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I have a database with ~1'000,000 nodes, each node has two principal properties: mass and lev, I have lev 1 to 50, and I want to find de biggest node (given by mass) in each lev, my start node can be anyone, there is some kind of iterative function or something like that?

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there are no iteration in the pure cypher, either you do it in an upper lvl language who uses cypher or you define the starting node manually using an index:

START n1=node:levIndex('lev:1') WITH max(n1.mass) as mx MATCH n1 where n1.mass=mx RETURN Id(n1),n1.mass;
START n2=node:levIndex('lev:2') WITH max(n2.mass) as mx MATCH n2 where n2.mass=mx RETURN Id(n2),n2.mass;
START n3=node:levIndex('lev:3') WITH max(n3.mass) as mx MATCH n3 where n3.mass=mx RETURN Id(n3),n3.mass;
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