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I'm using Eclipse Juno (build 20120920-0800) on openSUSE 12.2 to code Android applications.

I have installed the SDK by uncompressing it into my home directory (if I install the SDK via YaST package I can't download stuff unless I'm root). I installed ADT from Eclipse Marketplace, configured the path of the SDK and configured a couple of emulator configurations.

I can run and debug fine on my phone, and I guess the same applies to my tablet even if I haven't tried yet.

The real problem is that I can't run the emulator. Clicking on the bacarozzo debug icon prompts me to run the application on the device but doesn't show me available emulators. Debug screen

If I open the device manager I'm shown with the virtual devices I created but I can't just start any. The progress bar reaches the end, I see no emulator screen and if I try to delete the emulator I'm warned that the instance is running... (OK in the screenshot there is only one, I already managed to delete the other) ADT Device Manager

I urge to test some GUI features in an outdated version of Android. I have done all the field tests of the business logic code in my program on a JB device and I know for sure that code works on any device.

Now I only need to be backward-compatible with preferences and layouts.

How can I start the emulator in Linux?

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Just by luck I managed to run the emulator from console

djechelon@RAYNOR:~/android-sdk-linux/tools> ./emulator-arm -avd Emulator_cell

It came to life and Eclipse debug is detecting it as active device

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