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I want to re-render a portion of a form with an ajax call in Play 2.0.

So, I have a form that calls a jQuery load to re-render a sub portion of that form. The form template includes the sub template that I want to re-render. So, I already have the proper portion of the form in its own template. The difficulty arises because that template is included in the parent through a repeat. And, that repeat automagically converts the backing data model into a Play Field object. I can't seem to construct a Field on my own, but should I even be trying too? Given the dearth of information about this, I clearly must be doing something radically wrong here ...

So, the top level form looks something like this:

@(dataForm: Form[dataModel])

<div class="container">
    @helper.form(action = routes.customerData.validate, args='class -> "form-horizontal") {
        @repeat(dataForm("metaData")) { metaData =>


And, the div sub template looks something like this:


<div class="row-fluid" id='expandedView@metaData("metaId").value' style="display: none;">

And, the ajax call looks something like this:

$('[id="' + metaDataContainerId + '"]').load(fetchMetaDataUrl, function(response, status, xhr) {
    if (status == "error") {

Finally, the Controller function looks like this:

public static Result fetchMetaData(...)

    MetaData metaData = ...; field = new Field(null, ????, ...);  ????

    return ok(????.render(?????));

So, is any of this vaguely correct? Should I just embed my sub template in a simple form and use a JQuery selector on the resulting html? Is there some (other) way to re-render a portion of a form through an ajax call?

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You are on the way. You just need to bind data from the xhr using a Form object. – Julien Richard-Foy May 15 '13 at 13:03

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