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I'm trying to clean up some issues from xcode's analyzer. One I haven't found a solution to is the "Branch condition evaluates to a garbage value". It's occurring in the following way:

int methodToCloseMyDatabase(sqlite3 **myDatabase, const char *callingFunctionName)
    if (myDatabase)
        if (*myDatabase)  // The warning is thrown here
           // Do something
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I'm dying to know if the Xcode analyzer throws the same fits with if (myDatabase && *myDatabase). –  WhozCraig Dec 6 '12 at 20:35

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This error sounds to me as if CLang has analyzed your code and found that *myDatabase is not set to anything.

It could even be that the analyzer has found a possible code branch that does not set the value.

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You are correct. This is my first swing at analyzer, and I didn't realize that you could click and expand the issues, which leads you to other methods. Thanks. –  HackyStack Dec 6 '12 at 20:35

How did you set myDatabase? You probably forgot to initialize it correctly, so it points to arbitrary place in memory.

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