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Assuming a dataframe like such:

             ACY.Open ACY.High ACY.Low ACY.Close
2007-01-03     6.58     7.15    6.58      6.99
2007-01-04     7.24     7.35    7.15      7.35
2007-01-05     7.39     7.55    7.25      7.45
2007-01-08     7.32     7.35    7.01      7.26
2007-01-09     7.15     7.50    7.15      7.16
2007-01-10     7.30     7.45    7.21      7.24

How can I create a boxplot where the wiskers are the high and low values and the box top and bottom are the open and close values?

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Those types of plots are called "candlestick charts", and you can easily plot them with quantmod::chartSeries (or quantmod::chart_Series). FWIW, it looks like your object was created by quantmod::getSymbols, which means it's an xts object, not a data.frame.

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