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Working with jwplayer (latest and licensed version) I can't seem to pass the value of getDuration() to a jQuery variable. The data is undefined when the function below closes.

jwplayer('jwvideo').onPlay(function() { 
    videoLength = jwplayer().getDuration();

I already tried every possible variation with:

var test = videoLength;

The only thing I need is to pass 'videoLength' in to a dataString like:

var dataString = 'address='+ address + '&mediaNr=' + mediaNr;

I went through all the questions about this on this site.

Hence I seriously need help!

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Firstly you won't get anything in videoLength until jwPlayer onPlay event is fired.

Then you need to manage the variable scope properly. Consider reading ups something like this answer- JavaScript Variable Scope

I'd do something like:

var videoLength

jwplayer('jwvideo').onPlay(function() { 
    videoLength = jwplayer().getDuration();

console.log( videoLength )


should give you duration ( given jwplayer().getDuration() is correct method for this ).

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