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I have a problem in loading classes with spl_autoload_register when a namespace is implemented in a class.

the class autoloader below, but I have no problem loading any class when no namespace is used,

class autoloader
     * Set the property.
    public $directory;
    public $recursive;

     * Receive the supplied data.
     * @string $directory
     * @array $recursive default: models
    public function __construct($directory, $recursive = array('search' => 'models') ) 
        # Store the data into the property.
        $this->directory = $directory;
        $this->recursive = $recursive;

        # When using spl_autoload_register() with class methods, it might seem that it can use only public methods, though it can use private/protected methods as well, if registered from inside the class:


    private function get_class($class_name)
        # List all the class directories in the array.
        if ($this->recursive)
            $array_directories =  self::get_recursive_directory($this->directory);
            if (is_array($this->directory)) $array_directories =  $this->directory;
            else $array_directories =  array($this->directory);

        # Set the class file name.
        $file_name = 'class_'.strtolower($class_name).'.php';

        # Loop the array.
        foreach($array_directories as $path_directory)
                # There is no need to use include/require_once. Autoload is a fallback when the system can't find the class you are instantiating. 
                # If you've already included it once via an autoload then the system knows about it and won't run your autoload method again anyway. 
                # So, just use the regular include/require - they are faster.
                include $path_directory.$file_name;


    # However the memory consumption of this can be huge if you have a very large directory tree with only a few matches.
    # @source:
    public function get_recursive_directory($directory)
        # Create an object that allows us to iterate directories recursively.
        # Stolen from here: 
        $iterator = new RecursiveIteratorIterator
                        new RecursiveDirectoryIterator($directory),

        # This will hold the result.
        $result = array();

        # Loop the directory contents.
        foreach ($iterator as $path) 

            # If object is a directory and matches the search term ('models')...
            if ($path->isDir() && $path->getBasename() === $this->recursive['search']) 

                # Add it to the result array.
                # Must replace the slash in the class - dunno why!
                $result[] = str_replace('\\', '/', $path).'/';
                //$result[] = (string) $path . '/';



        # Return the result in an array.
        return $result;

a tag class for instance,

namespace hello;

class tag extends \core

now load the class via the autoloader class,

# Autoload the classes from the specific folder.
$autoloader = new autoloader("C:/wamp/www/website/local/applications/master/sides/models/", $recursive = false);

# Instantiate the tag.
$tag = new hello\tag($connection);


Fatal error: Class 'hello\tag' not found in C:\wamp\www\website\local\applications\master\sides\views\tags.php on line 7

Any idea how I can fix my autoloader class so that I can load the classes whether there is a namespace or not?


The folder where I keep the classes and the class naming,


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Show us the naming of the file which contains the class. It should be class_tag.php if I understand your autoloader correctly. Also you should have a look at PSR-0 autoloder – Benjamin Paap Dec 6 '12 at 20:55
@BenjaminPaap please take a look at my edit above. thanks. – teelou Dec 6 '12 at 21:10
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Your error is in your get_class() method. $class_name contains the fully qualified classname with it's namespace. In your case you have to strip the namespace from your classname.

$file_name = 'class_'.strtolower(array_pop(explode('\\', $class_name))).'.php';

I highly recommend using PSR-0 standard for autoloading. If you will be using any libraries it is very likely that they are using the same standard and you only have one autoloader.

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sorry that was a mistake in my previous edit. I have corrected now. thanks. – teelou Dec 6 '12 at 21:38
updated my answer. – Benjamin Paap Dec 6 '12 at 21:51
thanks for the update. your answer works well in loading the classes now. thanks! – teelou Dec 6 '12 at 21:55

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