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I'm wondering how to replicate the functionality of the draggable column/row dividers such as found at http://jsfiddle.net/.

Is this built on top of some library?


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The draggable dividers in the jsfiddle site are implemented using the code in jsfiddle.net/js/LayoutCM.js and jsfiddle.net/codemirror/js/codemirror.js.

Note: The new code change in SO makes it really finiciky to directly link to the jsfiddle implementation in order to explain how they implemented something.

Other relevant StackOverflow questions include

The is functionality is provided various projects including jquery plugins and other javascript scripts

Also see other resources including

Most people seem to use an existing jquery plugin or make their own implementation using the Draggable and Resizable components, for example code see the other StackOverflow posts mentioned.

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