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How to enable NHibernate Second-Level Cache with NHibernate Linq Provider 1.0 ?

Second-Level Cache seems to work only with ICriteria usage.

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Yes, I finally worked this one out:

public IQuerable<T> CreateLinqQuery()
    var query = session.Linq<T>();
    return query;

Update As others have pointed out, in NH3, use query.Cacheable(). However be very careful to do it like this:

// Correct way:
query = query.Cacheable();

// This won't work:
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Thanks cbp, I'll check this out –  Yoann. B Sep 10 '09 at 10:35

For NHibernate 3+ it's session.Query<T>().Cacheable()

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NH3 RC version:

public IQueryable<T> Queryable<T>()
    IQueryable<T> queryable = SessionFactory.OpenSession().Queryable<T>();
    queryable = queryable.Cacheable<T>();

    return queryable;
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