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I'm using the ListDataProvider example here as a guide. The columns are sorting fine as expectd based on the provided comparators. I'm trying to programatically apply a sort as alluded to on this line from the example:

// We know that the data is sorted alphabetically by default.

What this does, is it makes the cell column appear to be sorted with the carrot sort indicator. However, the underlying data isn't sorted. Is there a way to get the table to actually apply the sort progarmatically. I suppose I could use this in conjunction with actually sorting the data via Collections.sort(), but I'd like to avoid that and do it in one place.

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You can apply sorting on a column programatically with little exta code. The following code snippet does that -

When ever u set data to the cellTable you have to initialize the ListHandler as below code does -

cellTable.addColumnSortHandler( createColumnSortHandler() );

private ListHandler<T> createColumnSortHandler()
     final ListHandler<T> listHandler = new ListHandler<T>(listDataProvider.getList());
     listHandler.setComparator( sortColumn, comparator );
     return listHandler;

And when u want to fire the SortEvent execute the following code snippet -

ColumnSortInfo columnSortInfo = new ColumnSortInfo( sortColumn, sortDirection );
cellTable.getColumnSortList().push( columnSortInfo );
ColumnSortEvent.fire( cellTable, cellTable.getColumnSortList());
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My missing ingredient was ColumnSortEvent.fire(). Did the trick. –  Stealth Rabbi Dec 10 '12 at 13:50

you have to call setData on grid again.....

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This doesn't work, nor did I expect it to. I'm not ever sorting the underlying list, just pushing the column on to the sort list. –  Stealth Rabbi Dec 7 '12 at 13:02

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