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in Rails the create method in a Controller by default receives an HTTP request with different values. By default new records are created like this:

@apo =[:apo])

But how can i access single Values from this params hash?

I would like to create something like this:

@apo = do |a| = $someVariable
        a.value = $anotherVariable
        a.quantity = -> here i want to have one value which is in params[:apo]

Do you understand what i´m looking for? Tried million possibilities but it just doesn´t work.

Alternatively, is it possible, to create a second params hash in the view, which only saves this one value?

P.S. i don´t want to use JavaScript for doing this...

Thanks a lot!

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params is special, and is set by Rails for each HTTP request. It's a hash in the form

{ :object => { :attrib1 => "value1", :attrib2 => "value2" ... }}

So you can reference the entire object with


and individual attributes (fields) like


A ActiveRecord model can be created in one call by passing a hash of values, as in your first example. But there are many other ways to create an instance. You can

def make_apo(some_value, another_value)
  apo = = some_value
  apo.value = another_value

Such a method will return an instance of Apo. In your case, if you have some values in params, change the above to accept params as another argument, or pass specific values when you call.

def make_apo(some_value, another_value, quantity, passed_params)
  apo = = some_value
  apo.value = another_value
  apo.quantity = passed_params[:apo][:quantity]

But this is all a pretty unusual way of going about things. So don't just do this -- it's more by way of explaining what's going on than suggesting that you do this.

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Oh that was exactly the answer i was looking for... thank you so much! – Tobi89 Dec 6 '12 at 21:59

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