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I have a basic MSI InstallShield installation with a managed EXE custom action running from the Binary table. I tried a simple test that just runs a console and that works fine. When I add a .DLL assembly reference to the EXE, it can't find the DLL. How do I make InstallShield aware of this referenced assembly so it can load it with the EXE?


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Custom Actions only extract a single file to a temporary location under a temporary name. For the dependency on the .dll to work, they need to both be extracted, and at least the .dll must have the expected name. Typically this is easiest to do by adding both to "setup files" and referencing [SUPPORTDIR]\your.exe for the custom action.

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I couldn't find a decent way to use .Net custom actions that allowed me to do what I was trying to do. I ended up using the DTF (Deployment Tools Foundation) section of WiX to create the assembly and it worked great.

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Please add your DLL as a dependency in 'isclrwrap' binary table. You can find that binary table from direct editor. This will solve your problem.

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