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I have three different format of messages in code and I made all three .proto files and compiled. I already have another, to say regular,class with lots of enums and I need to use that enums in all three classes. Is there any way to use enums from external-regular class and not to define in proto in all three files same enums ?

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I'm not quite sure what you mean by an external-regular class...?

If you want to define the enum in C++, and then put it in a Protobuf, just put an int field in the proto.

But if you want a common enum used by multiple protos, you can use imports:


package foo_common;

enum Color {
    red = 1;
    black = 2;


package foo_tree;

import "common.proto";

message Node {
     optional foo_common.Color color = 1;
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