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I know that recent versions of iOS have added support for easy customization of the look and feel of its components through its "appearance" functionality. However, I'm not exactly artistically inclined.

Does anyone know of a resource that provides pre-packaged user interface customization kits that are easy to plugin using the iOS appearance APIs? I'm looking for high-quality look & feel, but also would like to see sample code showing how to integrate it into an application. I don't really care if its for purchase or free. I just would like something that looks really slick and high quality. Thoughts?

UPDATE: Okay, I found a site that does offer what I was looking for. AppDesignVault.com has pre-packaged app templates (graphics, code, etc.) for iOS applications. However, I find it hard to believe they're the only ones that offer this. Has anyone come across similar resources or packages?

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Not exactly a drop-in replacement, but you might want to take a look at NUI which is an open-source UI styling library with theme support (themes are written in a CSS styled markup language). Another great resource to look for ready UI components is cocoa controls, again, not exactly drop-in and forgot, but still better than implementing it yourself (although the quality of the stuff there varies a lot).
I'm not aware of any drop-in replacement which offers ready made styles, but I hope these two get you somehow started.

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This is objc custom libs I like and use: http://www.objclibs.com/# . Maybe one of those will strike your fancy?

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There are so many more, right here.

Once you have those designs, here's a tutorial to actually implement them in iOS 6.

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