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I am just wondering if if this is possible? I found this board:

There is no mention of Matlab support. Either way, Thanks

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What parts of Matlab do you expect "support" for? – Martin Thompson Dec 7 '12 at 9:41
Dennis: This is all I could find as you indicated. – heavy rocker dude Dec 7 '12 at 19:52

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Interfacing with Matlab is not specific to FPGA board, but FPGA design tools (synthesis and place & route). Both major FPGA vendors - Xilinx and Altera - support Matlab. Xilinx in its System Generator, and Altera in its DSP Builder. The design flow is approximately as follows:

  1. You write your Matlab code, given the restrictions of FPGA tools and FPGA device you're targeting. For example FPGA devices have limited amount of memory, few KByte to few MByte, depending on the device.

  2. You compile your Matlab code. Under the hood the code will be converted to a hardware description language.

  3. FPGA tools will synthesize and place & route the code and generate a bitstream

  4. You program the bitstream into your FPGA.

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