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we have a private chat server running on one of the servers we own. for example: company.server.com. We connect to this with our chat clients on port 5223.

How can I get Jabber-bot to connect to this chat? What if I want to connect to a particular room?

Below is what I have but it seems to just hang and do nothing. I believe there should be a property where I should provide the name of the server I'm connecting to but I can't find that property anyplace.

require 'rubygems'
require './jabber/bot'

# Create a public Jabber::Bot
config = {
  :jabber_id => 'name@mycompany.com',
  :password  => 'mypassword',
  :master    => 'name@mycompany.com',
  :presence  => :chat,

bot = Jabber::Bot.new(config)

# Give your bot a private command, 'rand'
  :syntax      => 'rand',
  :description => 'Produce a random number from 0 to 10',
  :regex       => /^rand$/
) { rand(10).to_s }

# Bring your new bot to life
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session = Jabber::Session.bind('account@host/resource', 'password')
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