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Is there any existing tool or command to automatically list every single example in an app?

For example, if I had...


describe Apple do
  it "should be round" do
    @apple.shape.should == "round"
  it "should be red" do
    @apple.colour.should == "red"


describe Banana do
  it "should be bent" do
    @banana.shape.should == "bent"
  it "should be yellow" do
    @banana.colour.should == "yellow"

...then the tool or command I'm looking for would yield something like:

  - describe apple
    - it should be round
    - it should be red
  - describe banana
    - it should be bent
    - it should be yellow

Reviewing this output would help me to confirm that I'd tested all the behaviours that were important to me.

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Doesn't the default RSpec output basically do this? – shioyama Dec 6 '12 at 22:49
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Setting format=documentation will produce nicely formatted output for all examples, passing and failing. You can do this on the command line:

rspec --format=documentation

Or add the setting to the .rspec config file in the root of your project.

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