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I am using the following for a double-tap/single tap of a DOM element.

     /** doubletap-dblclick callback */
          var $this = $(event.currentTarget);

     /** touch-click callback (touch) */
     /** doubletap-dblclick delay (default is 500 ms) */

Another function I call from the above :

 function doSingleClick(but) {
      var $but = $(but);

      if($but.closest("#domElementId").length < 1)

      //"I have more code here to handle the if statement"

The doSingleClick function never gets past the return b/c the value of $but never gets correctly defined. My assumption is that I am not passing parameters correctly. Where is my issue?

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The code looks fine, asumming you wan't $but to contain a jQuery object that wraps the element that was doubletapped. –  Kevin B Dec 6 '12 at 22:51

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Looks like you pulled this code from here:


Looking at the code, the functions you are providing to .doubletap() are invoked on an event callback from the browser, without the benefit of the jQuery selector. The 'this' in:


is likely the Window context, not the element you are expecting. The simplest approach to fixing it is using the current element as the input:


which is what the doubletap/click function is already doing with the $this = $(event.currentTarget)

Hope that helps.

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