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My UIWebview loads a local html file using loadHtmlString. The loaded page has links to other local html files as well as real links that use the internet.

I have added a back button with:

if ([self.webView canGoBack]) [self.webView goBack];

This works fine except it does not recognise the original page loaded with loadHtmlString.

For example, if I navigate:
local -> local -> web
local X local <- web (The first back works, the next does nothing.)

How can I get the webview to recognise the original page so the back button also works for it? Can I add it to the webview's history somehow?

Thanks in advance!

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Here's the workaround I ended up using:

I created a delegate for the WebView, which kept track of whether the user was on the first page (loaded using loadHtmlString).

When the back button is pressed, and the WebView can no longer go back, and the user is NOT on the first page, the first page is loaded again (using loadHtmlString). Here is the relevant code:

if ([self.webView canGoBack])
    [self.webView goBack];
    WebViewDelegate * customDel = (WebViewDelegate *) self.webView.delegate;
    if (customDel.onFirstPage == NO)
        // Load original local page.
        [self.webView loadHTMLString:self.htmlStr baseURL:[[NSBundle mainBundle] bundleURL]];

        customDel.onFirstPage = YES;

I'll not choose this answer for a little while, in case a more elegant solution pops up.

Hopefully this helps someone!

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what if user open your html page, click a link to another URL, then how can you toggle onFirstPage ? –  onmyway133 Dec 24 '13 at 4:26

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