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Can somebody explain this SAL annotation discrepancy in UnmapDebugInformation?

In the MSDN library documentation, the DebugInfo parameter is annotated as being passed in:

BOOL WINAPI UnmapDebugInformation(

In DbgHelp.h, however, the parameter is annotated as being passed out:

BOOL IMAGEAPI UnmapDebugInformation(
    _Out_writes_(_Inexpressible_(unknown)) PIMAGE_DEBUG_INFORMATION DebugInfo

Why would this parameter be annotated as _Out_ in the SDK?

(I understand that this a deprecated function; I'm interested in understanding the SAL annotation used in the SDK.)

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SAL annotations evolve separately from MSDN documentation and SDK updates. The MSDN article tends to be stale, this may well have once been annotated as _In_ in the SDK as well. Oldest one I got is SDK v6.0, it uses __out_xcount(unknown).

I supposed the passed structure may well be updated by the function, considering it contains a list so what you see is just a better version. It only really matters to code analyzers.

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