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I cant think in how i can do this some help please. I get some json objects and one of the values has html tags, some images, of course i cant fetch the images because they have relative urls, and the site it is host in a sub-domain. Is there any way to add the to the already existing images/image.png


this is my json response:

description": "<img src=\"images/stories/Icons/Vacuum.png\" mce_src=\"images/stories/Icons/Vacuum.png\" border=\"0\" alt=\"Vacuum\" title=\"Vacuum\"> <img src=\"images/stories/Icons/Washing_Machine.png\" mce_src=\"images/stories/Icons/Washing_Machine.png\" border=\"0\" alt=\"Washing Machine\" title=\"Washing Machine\"></p>"

for(var i = 0; i < objJsonA.length; i++){
    var ap = objJsonA[i];
    var lot = ap.lot;

this returns 404 errors, the content i'm fetching it is on and i am on

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please show some of your code – eskimo Dec 6 '12 at 23:25
:) Still havent figure it out – jycr753 Dec 7 '12 at 6:19

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You can use document.location to get the current server. For example, on the URL for this server in Chrome console I see:

> document.location
ancestorOrigins: DOMStringList
assign: function () { [native code] }
hash: ""
host: ""
hostname: ""
href: ""
origin: ""
pathname: "/questions/13754450/adding-extra-parameters-to-url-src-with-jquery"
port: ""
protocol: "http:"
reload: function () { [native code] }
replace: function () { [native code] }
search: ""
toString: function toString() { [native code] }
valueOf: function valueOf() { [native code] }
__proto__: Location

So you could use:

var image = '/images/abc.jpg';
var url = document.location.origin + image;
// url is now ''

There are a lot of plugins for working with URLs in JavaScript/jQuery and it probably makes sense to use one of them (example search).

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